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Welcome aboard Ship History Website - a new growing project - to tell the story of many of the ship's which have crossed our oceans over the years, carrying cargo around the globe and transporting passengers, including sometimes simply for their leisure, sometimes them travelling to the other side of the world to begin a new life.

Perhaps largely specializing in the passenger liners and other ships of their line's serving from around the late 19th century to the mid 20th century, the website will detail the life - including the achievements and sometimes mishaps - of the ships, as well as life on aboard.

The Website will include well known shipping lines, including the Cunard Line and its ships including the original Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth, Mauritania and Aquitania. The history of the White Star Line and its ships can be found at separately at our "sister website" White Star History; the history of the RMS Titanic can be found at our "sister website" Titanic Pages.

Titanic Pages, White Star History and now Ship History Website will be regularly expanded with new content.

Ship History was last updated on 11th May 2023.

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